Every day of your life chances are you’ll touch, taste and see something we’ve helped create to make your life easier and more comfortable.

  • puts the foam in shampoo, the shine in conditioner, the hold in hair spray and  the moisture in hand cream
  • ensures some painted surfaces are washable, and tailors paints for outdoor and indoor use
  • provides the extra calcium to fortify your milk, the chocolate chips in your cakes and biscuits and the frothy top on your instant cappuccino
  • helps make the coatings for your car, the foam in seat cushions and the dashboard
  • provides the additives that help the bitumen stick to the road
  • adds vibrant colour and protects products from packaging through to stadium seating does much, much more
We’re proud of the role our Specialties and Masterbatch businesses play in people’s lives, and the innovation, technology and service we provide our manufacturing customers.