Plastics, Rubber and Foam

We provide the plastics, rubber, and foam industries with a range of masterbatch, polymers, functional additives, processing aids, colourants, stabilisers, and fillers. 

We have the range to meet most manufacturing processes, including:
  • additive, black, white and colour masterbatch
  • commodity, engineering, and speciality plastic polymers for every plastic conversion method, including LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE,  PP, HDPE, PET, EPS, and PVC, as well as copolymers, PU, TDI, polyols, EPS, and processing additives
  • engineering plastics including polyamide 6, polyamide 6/6, polyamide 11, polyamide 12, polyamide 4/6 filled polyamides, PBT, PET
  • specialty plastics including clear copolyesters, cellulosics, EVA, fluropolymers such as EFTE, PTFE, PVDF, functionalised polyolefins, ethylene acrylated terpolymers, copolymers of ethylene acrylic esters, as well as specialty elastomers such as TPE-E and SEBS
  • a full range of specific foam rubbers, rigid plastic foams, and various natural and synthetic industrial rubbers, including SBR, nitrile rubber, SBS, CR, and rubber additives and fillers for polymer lubrication, anti-blocking, slip, reinforcement, and colouring
  • a full range of inorganic and organic pigments along with masterbatches, laser marking, UV absorption, light stabilisation, oxygen scavenging, moisture and gas sieving, matting, heat stabilisation and mould/tool releasing agents
As well as this broad range of products, we provide you with comprehensive technical assistance to develop your own applications and improve your processes.