Axieo manufactures and distributes quality masterbatch products that are ideally suited to a wide range of applications and market segments, including:


Axieo Masterbatch proudly supports the agriculture segment and is a leading supplier of additives and colour masterbatch to this industry.
We supply masterbatch colours and additives for use in mulch, greenhouse, silage, stretch and other industrial films as well as films for food packaging. Having the right balance of additives in final applications is critical for product life cycles. Axieo has the technical platform, the experienced staff, and the leading-edge testing equipment that makes us the supplier of choice.

Domestic and Household

From concept to commercialisation, Axieo Masterbatch proudly supports and supplies masterbatches for use in day-to-day household items.
These include storage boxes and compartments, garden and outdoor leisure items, packaging for use in cleaning products, and multiple items directly related to food.

Flexible Packaging

Axieo Masterbatch offers products such as slips, anti-blocks, colorants, and anti-fogs. Many help the manufacturing processes and enhance the appearance of a wide range of products, such as film and thermoformed food trays.
We meet a variety of requirements, from extending the lifespan of the package’s contents to enabling manufacturing innovations.


Axieo Masterbatch proudly supplies specialised masterbatches designed for medical applications that require the highest levels of quality, compliance, and consistency.
We work closely with designers and brand equity owners to help develop products for today's global markets. 

Rigid Packaging

Our colorants and additives enhance the physical properties and marketability of hundreds of products, including bottles, closures, pails, and crates for storing and transporting pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals.  
The majority of these products are based on Polyolefin Masterbatches, which are supported by very stringent compliance regulations.

Wire and Cable

We fully understand  the demands of the 'virtual' market, including its customers, key drivers, and the particular products and additives used.
Our products comply with all the specifications and standards and are ideal for use in multiple segments, including gas, oil, merchant, NBN roll-out, emerging solar applications, wind farms, other telecommunications, and more.