Introducing Berol LS from Akzo Nobel, a high performance, solvent free solution for multi purpose cleaners.

14 October 2018
  |   News

Have you ever tried to clean your windows with your kitchen bench spray?

If you have, you’ll only try it once.  Cleaning products with degreasing properties typically leave cloudy streaks on windows and mirrors. And window cleaners aren’t able to cut through the dirt and grease found on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

But what if there was a powerful cleaner, which could effectively clean dirt and grime without leaving streaks on surfaces?

Introducing Berol LS from Akzo Nobel.  Powerful degreasing properties, streak free.


Berol LS combines the following properties:

• Solvent-free degreasing
• Low streaking
• Anti fogging on glass
• Easier next time cleaning of certain surfaces
• Easy rinsing

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