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13 August 2018
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Yarra Valley, Victoria (Monday July 30th, 2018)

We love to learn from each other – it’s what makes us thrive.

This weekend, our Product Management teams from Australia and New Zealand were given the opportunity to let their creativity shine during our annual sales conference in the Yarra Valley.

Our Life Sciences team tested our product knowledge with a game of guessing which of our ingredients went into which product.

  • Can you guess which of our products go into both mouthwash and plasterboard?*
  • Which ingredient is used in soft drinks and automotive degreaser?**
  • Which raw material goes into toilet cleaner and confectionery?***


Our plastics team showcased their work focusing on unbreakable plastics for reusable coffee cups and drinkware.

We were inspired by the green chemistry focus our Axieo branded surfactant portfolio prides itself on for the cleaning, personal care and agricultural markets.

And we embraced our values……Love, Integrity, Excellence…..and especially……Fun.

(*Starch  ** Citric Acid    *** Lactic Acid)


Business Support

Bring in the reinforcements.

Our teams across HR, Finance, IT Legal and Compliance align behind our sales team to deliver our promise.

With their professional and commercial expertise and ability to collaborate we achieve success as a team.

Product Management

Go to market with the very best.

Our Product Management team own the relationship with our supply partners and are the experts in product knowledge.

They’re commercial thinkers and understand the “size of the prize” in a market. Their job is to know what our customers want, before they do.


Passionate about process

Our production and manufacturing teams work together with a focus on efficiency and process improvement to deliver excellent service for our customers.


Moving things forward together.

The critical links to make things happen, from warehousing, quality control and supply chain.

We look for people who can keep an eye on the future and also deliver today.

Customer Care

Good service, is good business.

We already love our customers and it’s our job to create great experiences for them.

We look for passionate people who love to help.



Getting to know you.

Our Sales people own the relationship with our customers and are hungry to provide solutions for their problems.

Building strong and sustainable relationships are integral to our success and growth.