Holland Colours

Holland Colours was founded in 1979 by a group of experts in pigments who saw a need for less dusty colorants than those available on the market at the time. They decided to do things differently and better. After working closely with an initial customer, our innovative product, Holcobatch®, was released and ended up transforming the market.


Even today, our Holcobatch® products remain unique, delivering high-quality coloring performance for a wide range of polymers. Other breakthrough products include high-loaded Holcoprill and our newly introduced Holcopearl® for the Packaging and Building & Construction market and Holcomer for the dairy PET packaging industry. Our range of products contains both solid and liquid coloring systems. Over the years, we have developed a full palette of standard and customized colorants, including opaque, metallic and frost. In addition to colorants, we offer a wide choice of additives, such as UV absorbers, AA scavengers and re-heat additives.

As a global specialist in customer-specific coloring products, we take the environment very seriously. We recognize the need to consider impacts over the total life cycle of the product and the shared responsibility of different stakeholders in managing these impacts. We have an experienced global team of people to staff our Product Stewardship department.

From the start, Holland Colours has been committed to a clean and sustainable production process by using natural waxes as an important ingredient for its products. The company recently introduced in the USA the Natural Collection, a series of color concentrates based on natural color pigments and a non-petroleum based carrier. These products are suitable for coloring both standard PET and bio-based plastics, including food packaging applications. Holland Colours regularly launches new products that make the plastic production process more sustainable. Another example is Tintmask, a color concentrate that is added to recycled plastic to mask the grey color.


Our roots are in colorants for pipes, but our products for Building & Construction (B&C) are also widely used for other applications where good dispersion is key. This includes profiles, sheets, siding, cladding, sealants and flooring.

The Packaging market is another of our areas of expertise. In this market, we see a trend towards light-weight thin bottles. Advancing a circular economy in packaging is a clear trend, as has food safety. With our strong knowledge base, we are well equipped to serve this market. We partner with small, medium-sized and large customers to produce packaging for water, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, dairy products, beer, wine, detergents, pharmaceutical and personal care products.