Riken Vitamin (Japan) provides emulsifiers, natural tocopherols, seasonings and flavors; along with total solutions for your all needs.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd are a Japan-based food processing company. Riken were the first manufacturing company in the world to produce high purity monoglycerides using molecular distillation and have a long history of technological innovation. Offering a range of food emulsifiers, natural tocopherols and seaweed products, Riken have a firmly established position in the Australian and New Zealand food industry.

Riken’s range of high quality ingredients are suited for use in breads, cakes, ice cream and dairy products. Along side their food offering, Riken have emulsifiers, whipping agents and thickeners for personal care and cosmetic applications, and improvers such as lubricants, release agents, plasticisers and dispersants for plastic and rubber applications.

Axieo are proud to partner with Riken to bring their product ranges to the Australian and New Zealand markets.