Control bud break and flowering with Waiken

10 September 2018
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Application of Waiken gives cherry and apple growers greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity.

Waiken induces a period of dormancy after which the flowers come out fairly rapidly and uniformly.

This means it can be used as a management tool to:

  • bring forward or set back bud break to help align flowering across varieties to achieve cross pollination
  • bring forward or set back bud break to stagger maturity to improve productivity at maturity and harvesting
  • compact the flowering period to significantly improve the effect of chemical thinning treatments and improve productivity at picking
  • promote limb growth in young fruit trees.

Thanks to its proprietary chemistry, Waiken allows growers to capitalise on more profitable early markets. Depending on when it is applied, Waiken can be used to bring forward or delay bud break.


Generally speaking:

  • to advance bud break, apply 35–50 days before bud break would normally occur
  • to set back bud break, apply from 20 days before bud break would normally occur, up to the time of green tip.

Tips to improve effectiveness:

  • Fruit trees have a cyclic crop load from year to year – heavy, light, heavy, etc. Waiken compacts flowering, so care needs to be taken if using primary thinners when a light crop is expected. An application of primary thinners such as NAA, Ethrel or ATS in this situation could severely limit fruit set and crop load. Secondary thinners such as Cylex are a safer alternative as the decision to thin is made later, when fruit set is visible.
  • Ensure that sufficient pollinators and bees are available. This is very important as a reduced flowering period could result in reduced fruit set if the weather is unfavourable during this time.
  • In the first year, carry out limited trials. Apply Waiken at two different timings and two rates. This provides important information to enable optimum timing and rates for subsequent seasons.
  • The recommended rate is 4% on apples and cherries. Water volume should be sufficient to obtain good coverage of the buds to the point of run off. This generally requires 1000 –2000 L/ha of water for apples and cherries.

Waiken is an emulsified vegetable oil compound. Other tools available for manipulating bud break include common chemical rest breaking agents such as hydrogen cyanamide which have a higher toxicity rating.

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